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"If this is a sign of the state of Americana rock music in 2022, then it’s in good hands with Highway Natives."


"Their music has a 70s feel, combined with some country-rock brawn."


"A beautifully warm mix, laid-back vocal swagger, and a cosmic outlaw-themed animated video round out a tasteful tribute to polyester’s heyday on the latest jammed-out country rocker “Cold Feet ”, from Nashville’s Highway Natives. While the band plays with laser-like precision, “Cold Feet”, manages to avoid feeling stiff via airy chords, vintage tones, and open-ended instrumental interludes."


"A Bullet With My Name, starting with a nice acoustic guitar and a contagious groove from the rhythm section. The vocals are clean but somewhat intense, especially during the chorus, very catchy. The song is very well performed by the five guys and with a good sound."


"Americana outfit Highway Natives released “Bad News” a short while ago, a track/lyric video conjuring up early Allman Brothers, The Black Crowes, and savors of the fictional band Stillwater in Almost Famous, along with tinctures of Poco, only more muscular and vibrant."


"Most roads eventually lead to music. For Highway Natives, each member came from different ends of the country—Kentucky, Tennessee, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Florida—and the band’s rock-Americana debut, “Bad News,” is melded by their individual roots, close-knit touring across America, and finding common ground in Nashville."


Riverman (Live from East Nashville)

Cold Feet Animated Video

Doghouse - Live Video

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